Monday, February 16, 2009

Darfur - So Close to Heaven

We can sleep all too well when we feel that we are in control of everything and anything that are dear and nearer to us. We pretend that we cant see and feel proud by doing what can be done provided it does not cross our comfort zone, and boy how we relish our underperformances! Someone once asked me " what is your range?" and I said "how much do u want it to be?" he said " so u can increase your imagination" and I said "Yes". ........................... that was the big pause he had taken just before his Last words "so why r u content. u could have also saved me." He died with a bullet hole while I was busy dressing for a party. And I was thinking to myself that - It was not under my jurisdiction. I had the power but I did nothing other than closing my eyes. I was content. I was wrong. What about You?

"People having natural powers to influence must bear a greater responsibility than any other"
-Quoted from ... I don't know, someone must have, someone somewhere always does
The Children of Darfur are calling you. Doesn't matter if u pretend not to listen. They r still there and they r still calling.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A shot from darkness

it was always burning... so true or so false. actually who cares! Guess I was never a blogger and this is somehow new to me so if u guys mind, I cant actually help your cause. But truly speaking, I stumbled upon a posting which made me confused, so much so that I decided to fly. It was a crossfire between passion and anger to that extent that it burns, yet in a way it is so soulful. Have u guys ever experienced thought generated from not your heart or your mind but from your soul. If not please visit - "I want to be me" and " Missing you, my love"

or - "OK to delete"

So I was right? wasn't I....

I think I should try this 'Art of Living' though I am not sure what will I gain! What the Hell! Can't comment before trying, Can I? If nothing happens-still can always praise the Smile........ So, So long.