Friday, August 14, 2009

Independence Day

Today is our independence day. At about 62 years back, we achieved something that many had thought to be an impossible task, reprimanding the effects of the mighty East Indian Company and raising the flag of freedom. So many people died, so many gave their soul; just to make this a better place to live in and so we celebrate; One of my students asked - should we believe in the notion 'Forgive and Forget' and move on towards a happier tomorrow or just stay right here, right now, feeling this present at its best and believe that there is nothing called a better tomorrow? Can we really move on with time and forgive? or will we do justice to those who gave us this gift of freedom of speech by just letting it go? We cannot forget the past. we cannot forget the sacrifices, we cannot forget our roots, we cannot forget where we belong - so there comes no question of forgiveness. We cannot forgive until we are ready to forget and when we are ready to forget we are ready to lose our soul. and we are ready to lose our Heroes.

Is this day an expression of our own identity or is it a part of a global phenomena, that each and every country nourishes. So many faces, so many names and they all did what they thought was right. they raised their voices, they demanded an answer and though they bled they still won.
and now there is new blood, new aspirations, new policies but there is still a lingering ray of hope that shines among the few who does the same thing that the Great ones once did. There is no need to fight for independence, there is no need to raise our voices, but still they do; to preserve the gift, to preserve independence and to make changes to curb the possibilities of self-deprivation and mass degeneration. They are the people who are making the changes, silently but efficiently; they are the people who are still raising their voices sparingly but passionately; so they are the new Heroes and so salutations to them and what they do and happy independence day to all. I wish i could have been a half of what they are. I am not. But I do know them. That also counts.