Saturday, February 14, 2009

A shot from darkness

it was always burning... so true or so false. actually who cares! Guess I was never a blogger and this is somehow new to me so if u guys mind, I cant actually help your cause. But truly speaking, I stumbled upon a posting which made me confused, so much so that I decided to fly. It was a crossfire between passion and anger to that extent that it burns, yet in a way it is so soulful. Have u guys ever experienced thought generated from not your heart or your mind but from your soul. If not please visit - "I want to be me" and " Missing you, my love"

or - "OK to delete"

So I was right? wasn't I....

I think I should try this 'Art of Living' though I am not sure what will I gain! What the Hell! Can't comment before trying, Can I? If nothing happens-still can always praise the Smile........ So, So long.


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