Thursday, July 2, 2009


I was just passing by and I don't know how or why i decided to make a stop. but that stop gave me something i never knew had existed before. its a place where u can just get in and meet some awesome people (no sorry not awesome something beyond that ) and it was called www. now when i know that they r present it makes me feel a lot better to be in this world not just for me but for those people who had dedicated their lives to do something , make a change or just simply helping out or should i say reaching out to put a smile on the faces of others irrespective of caste , breed or color or race.
who r they? r they for real? or i just dream of them! God knows. whatever, they r just simply beyond comparison. let me name a few ... Andrea;-a star by herself. Ani:-the pivot of truthfulness Leatrice:-the only thing she knows is to make others happy and is a very good writer as well . Walt:-moody but most caring Manuela:-the most enthusiastic Karen:-an avid supporter of godliness Jennifer:-a bundle of joy Michelle DeFelice:-Always to do the right thing Michele Rodriguez:-never ever afraid to speak out Lee Dorsey:-cool calm and caring Kendra:-devoted and confident Kathryn:- blend of ecstasy and delight Jaime:-Jazz artist and harmonious by nature Leonardo:-trendy and always up-to-date Chris:-never say never again Debbie:-thoughtful and gentle Maria:-considerate and kind James:-the teacher Carol:-The Outspoken Jean :-the righteous Clarita Zarate:- singer and composer Virginia El Reda :- wholehearted and blissful Phillippe:- buddy Amitabh: - sheer pleasure to be with and there r so many more.
i have a cousin named Rohini who absolutely adores all of them and actually keeps track of their activity in a journal which i call "the little black book". as i see her grow i know that it is very wrong to say that the future generations r mechanical and too methodical; rather they feel much more than we do and they know how to give respect, the only catch is, u have to earn them and not take it for granted. i am not on her list and i am trying very hard to sneak in by bribing her with chocolates and ice-cream. but she is not buying it. she loves to play piano and i am going to give one to her if she adds my name there...


  1. Sourav, It is you who does so much for the rest of us. I know that your kind words always give me the nudge I sometimes need to keep going. Thank you alway, Karen

  2. You always make us feel so special! And YOU are VERY special my friend!
    Thanks for being always kind to all of us, and for having beautiful heart.
    Warm wishes,

  3. As always you blow me away with the love and kindness that is in your heart and soul. Thank you for all that you have done and still do. You inspire me and others, I hope that you know this and that you are one of a kind in my eyes.

    Best and wamest wishes as always,

  4. Hey you. Sweet. ...and all by 'cyber' to 'read' us so well. Yep, I like how it has allowed us to do this, love having 'worldwide' friends...
    After all, my undergraduate degree was in Geography!

    HMMMMM...That piano promise sounds a bit like bribery to me...
    and you have already tried the chocolate! (That works on me.)

    Cheers all.

  5. Sourav, this is so beautiful and these are the global connections that keep us all going. Show Rohini your profile, where you knock us all out of the water. You deserve to be at the center of our pictures. Thank you for the most unforgettable blog post I will ever read.

  6. What a beautiful thing to say about all of us, and I hope you know that we all love, respect and admire you in return. As others have said, you are the wind beneath our wings! And thanks for guiding the next generation, we need helpers like you. God Bless you and keep you always in His loving care.

  7. Sourav, from the time i received your message answering my "pensive" post, i knew i had met someone with insight, caring and compassion for others. Reading all the replies here has confirmed that for me. I am humbled to be included in your "Friends List".