Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hall of Fame

October 21, 6.30p.m. i lost one of my classmates. I knew that it was coming, he knew that, we all knew that, cause science nowadays have given us the power to forecast fate quite accurately. so there was no grief, nothing to feel bad about and even if there had been any, he asked us not to shed tears. So we didn't. and that was it. So this is not about him and how he died, but about what he taught us at a time when we could never even dare to gather the strength to have a dream. But he had a dream ...and he was pretty happy with that. and so he smiled till the end. I questioned myself what had I done that can bring smile even at that point of one's life?

Well I printed a copy of some remarks made by some people and handed it to him. Believe me that's all i did. All these people were complete strangers to him, yet they all asked him to get well asap and that very notion made him happy even though he knew that he will never ever have the chance to meet them. Those were my friends! well actually Virtual Friends and i had the chance to know them at a place which actually don't exist at all.

These r the people who had taken up the daunting task to make others feel that they mean a lot to them even though they do not know the person at all. But they trust. They trust the trust of others and they never turn their back. they stretch out their hands and say that they will be there, and they do. they silently pray for complete strangers, they fight for lost causes and they stand in times of injustice and if u listen very carefully u can actually hear them say ....

i will care about u no matter what happens. no matter we don't know each other, no matter we will never meet, still i will care about u, now and always. that is what dreams r made of and this is how dreams should be. i will be there for u when u don't need me, and i will be there at all those odd places and spaces where u hide to endure all the pain. i will not let u keep any secrets, no matter how much u hate me for that, cause now i know what u meant when u said 'no matter'. cause i am your friend no matter if u like it or not., and that is what friendship is all about.

they r the change makers, they r The truth and I am truly honored to have them in my 'Hall of Fame.'

Gosh! I so want to be a fraction of what they r and what they do day in day out. .


  1. Thank you as always, you seem to leave me at a loss for words each time you make these beautiful blogs/videos. I am honored that you are my friend and cherish you dearly. I am sorry for you loss but, I am glad you were able to bring a smile, share a laugh and spend such important time together. There is no greater gift you could have given.
    Warmest wishes, Andrea

  2. Thank you Sourav, for this heart felt tribute, I couldn't have said it better. I truly believe friendship is the greatest expression of of LOVE.

    Your Virtual Friend,
    Leatrice Brantley
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA

  3. This is beautiful Sourav. You have a heart of gold.
    I am honored to have YOU in my "Hall of Fame", and to be your friend.
    Thank you for always showing love and caring for us all.
    Your always friend, Manuela.

  4. Sorry for your loss. What a difficult time. "Even when you know it is coming.' I have a dear SIL we lost. But she was laughing in our family party in my dream last night.
    Thank u for this. I also read a review in magazine SCIENCE yesterday where sociologists and econonmists analyses of NETWORKS, is like a text.
    But here we have the true meaning of a 'virtual network.'
    Hugs to all there who are hurting.

  5. Sourav, I cannot imagine a world without you in it and the incredible way you always touch my heart.I thank God for my friends and family, even when we have never met in person, i know that i love you very deeply. My the Angels always be with you and yours, I am so sorry for your loss. Love, Karen

  6. Ah, Souravji,

    How I know what the pain of loss is! My empathy and sympathy go out to you and your loved ones. Knowing that the soul is eternal and that your loved one is safe in the Care of the One is, I pray, a comfort at this time of sorrow.

    Your video is beautiful on every level! Thank you for sharing, and for being. May you be blessed! Love, Jamaka and fams

  7. Dear friend,

    I am sorry to hear of your loss and offer my sincerest condolences. If you believe in an afterlife, as I do in my own way, I believe you and your friend will one day be reunited in one form or another, if not after life then perhaps in another lifetime. Nevertheless, he will ALWAYS live on in your heart and in your memories. I'm glad we were able to bring a smile to his face in his final moments here on Earth, and strongly believe that he even now both acknowledges & appreciates everything you have done for him.


  8. Sourav, always remember that you have not "lost" your friend. He will always live on in your heart, mind and memory. He will always be with you at moments you least expect, to guide you, protect you and comfort you. Death is not an ending, its a new beginning. Like the internet, where we are friends [close and caring] but never "see" each other, so is your friend. Felt but not seen. Your loss is one of this world, but he lives on in the next. Trust me, I know, I have lost my entire family, so I can assure you that I am not lying. Bless you and Keep you always safe and loved.

  9. Hi. My sincerest condolences on your, and everybody's, loss. A twig of the poetree relates :)


    The depth of one's sorrow
    Is the well's fathom,
    Of meanings and moments
    Shared with them.

    Take care of yourself. Ciao. :)

    james m n